Udemy – Learn WordPress for Beginners – Master WP in 24 Hours [100% off]

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Learn WordPress for Beginners - Master WP in 24 Hours

Course Description

This WordPress course is designed to offer you a simple, easy to understand and straightforward approach when it comes to learning how to build a site or blog. It dosen’t require any specific technial background or knowledge in order to participate.

Who is this WordPress course for?

Ever wanted to easily build a great looking site that you have a total control but felt overwhelmed by all the options available out there?

This course is jam packed with material that will help you create a professional WordPress website in 24 hours or less by adapting the information given in practice.

You don’t need to pose any specific technical abilities or knowledge as the course assumes that you are a complete beginner just starting out!

Each sections of the course have a quiz which will allow you to test what you just learned and if you don’t pass it, just repeat the lecture until you grasp it!

Few of the modules we are going to cover in this WordPress course:

  • Pick the ideal domain for your site or blog
  • Install WordPress quickly with the automatic installer
  • Easily manage your images, videos, sound files etc
  • Familarize yourself with the WordPress admin dashboard
  • Discover how to modify the fundamental WordPress settings
  • Learn how to easily work with content management in WP
  • How to quickly set up your homepage or index page
  • Configure the navigation on different areas of your site
  • Turn your site into a well-protected fort with great security
  • Discover the “must have” plugins you need to install
  • Change the look of your site in less than a minute

After you complete this course you will be able to create a professional and great looking WordPress in less than 24 hours!


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