Udemy – Learn Touch Typing at speed of 60 WPM in 4 hours or 4 Days [100% off]

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Learn Touch Typing at speed of 60 WPM in 4 hours or 4 Days

Course Description

This course is prepared with you in mind. If you are looking for the skill of good touch typing, then Congratulations you are on the right page. This course will teach you touch typing within 4 hours maximum or you can split it into an hour of practicing every day.

This course is Exclusive and will teach you differently unlike the usual online learn to touch typing courses.

The aim is to teach you the easiest way without using any software or online typing tutorial. You will learn everything within the course, which means you won’t go out of the course for practice as practice lessons has been available for you inside the course.

Type like a pro, have the speed of around 60 WPM in as less as 4 hours / 4 days with spending 60 minutes on each practice lesson

  • Typing Lessons for 16 to 55 age group
  • Lifetime Skill of Speed Typing
  • This course is unique, course practice included inside
  • Complete the course in 4 hours / 4 days, 40 minutes contents and 4 hours practice
  • You will learn touch typing at 60 WPM within 4 days max! Guaranteed.
  • Enrol Now and become a Pro

This course has Video lectures, On Screen Practice for each Lesson and Challenges & Quiz.

You will need to complete the course in order to receive a Verifiable Certificate of Completion from Udemy.


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