Udemy – CP102i – Complete Digital Painting Training – Make Money [100% off]


Do something different this time for your loved ones. Make a gift, than buying one.
Gift a Digital Portrait Painting which you made yourself for them.
You can also earn $ money with this Art. It all will be taught in the course.

Learn to paint a Digital Portrait from a Photograph fast using the techniques used by Industry Professionals.
When you enroll in this course, you will be Learning the Art of Digital Portrait Painting, and creating a Digital Portrait yourself with Corel Painter and a Wacom Tablet. Also, share your creation with our student community and get feedback on your Portrait Painting. Also, see what others have created.
Whether you want to gift it to someone or want to earn money from Digital Painting, this is the course for you.
No experience with Digital Painting or traditional painting is required, nor is any experience with Corel Painter or a pen tablet necessary.
In this course, GURasis shares the tips, tricks of Digital Portrait Painting. First, he walks through the process of downloading and installing Corel Painter 2015 trial, then explains the importance of a pen tablet for painting in digital medium and helps you compare and buy a tablet, GURasis then teaches the essentials of Corel painter 2015 and Wacom pen tablet usage.
He shares tips and best practices for a more efficient workflow in Corel Painter, then he teaches you to paint the Portrait painting from a photograph step by step. Finally, he adds finishes touches to the painting and gets the Portrait printed on a Canvas. After the painting is complete share your Digital Portrait Painting with the students community and get feedback.
In the Bonus section, GURasis shows you tips and tricks to paint fur effectively for the pets in your portraits. Then he discuses Cloning and Auto-painting techniques to paint faster. Finally, he shows you ways money could be made with this Art of Digital Portrait Painting.
Topics Covered:
  • Essentials of using Wacom pen tablet
  • Essentials of Corel painter 2015
  • Best practices for Painting in Corel Painter
  • Painting a Digital portrait from a photograph step by step
  • Getting a Digital Portrait Painting Printed on a Canvas
  • Painting Fur in Corel Painter
  • Bonus: Cloning and Auto Painting in Corel Painter
  • Earning money from Digital Portrait Painting
You can save the time GURasis has spent exploring and learning the techniques used by today’s professionals of digital art by taking this course now!
Join our student community, ENROLL NOW!

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