Udemy – Learn to Create Modile Apps that Use iBeacons – No Coding! [100% off]

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iBeacons are fast becoming the most important new tool in marketing. This course shows you how to incorporate iBeacons into a mobile app to trigger a users phone to view product information, deliver coupons, or help them to find their way.
The uses for beacons are limited only by your imagination.
This course is especially for those with NO programming experience or abilities. If you are a Web and Mobile site designer, this course is perfect for you. This course is also perfect for marketing people and shop owners who want to understand how iBeacons can build their business.
When you complete this course you will be able to create a full functioning mobile app with iBeacon triggers, shopping cart functionality, bar code scanning, and GPS store location. If you want to impress your clients with the latest, and coolest, technology, this course will help you to amaze.
  1. You will get information on how to set up your own beacons for testing.
  2. You will learn where to purchase beacons for use with your customers.
  3. You will understand the different types of beacons on the market.
  4. You will get links to download the free programs for building beacon mobile apps.
  5. You will get the programs for creating a beacon (requires iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 or 6 Plus, iPad 3 or higher, iPod Touch 5or higher, or a MAC computer with bluetooth).
  6. You will get an app for testing your beacon enabled app (requires iPhone or Android device with bluetooth)
Everything you need to get up and running in creating your own beacon enabled app.

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