Udemy – Learn the MunayKi and you will take control of your destiny [100% off] Worth $99

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You are invited to learn the Nine Rites of MUNAYKI and engage the quest for deeper, broader vision of who and what you truly are. 
The Nine Rites of the MUNAYKI are transmissions and attunements kept alive and handed down by lineage keepers of the wisdom traditions of shamanic cultures worldwide. The external form varies from culture to culture but the essence of the transmission is universal. What you will be taught are transmissions of energetic seeds that when nurtured, quicken the path to spiritual development and enlightenment. They quicken our journey towards who and what we are becoming as a species. The seeds of these rites can grow within anyone. This is our human birthright and path. 
I am honoured to share these Rites with you… and to teach you how to share them with others. 
Each Rite will be given separately using a combination of meditation, music, attunements to assist your journey. They have a natural order. You have the option of going as fast or as slow as you wish. You may prefer to go through them all, digest the essence and come back when you are ready.
Spiritual explorers receive a calling, something that speaks to us deep inside. This course is part of your empowering journey.
  • Healers Rite
  • Bands of Power Rite
  • Harmony Rite
  • Seers Rite
  • Daykeepers Rite
  • Wisdomkeepers Rite
  • Earthkeepers Rite
  • Starkeepers Rite
  • Creators Rite
  • Meditations
  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Comprehensive notes
Life time access to the Course material, all fully downloadable for you to keep and return to at any time. This is self paced so do not worry. 
The course is presented in a fluid series of video lectures, meditations both still and movement orientated, guided video attunements notes and more. the course has been thoroughly tested to ensure you will be able to received the Rites as they unfold. 

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