Udemy – Learn Technical Writing & Make an Average of $67,910 a Year [100% off]

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Learn principles of technical writing and editing to build for yourself a great writing career that pays well.
Technical writing has consistently been selected over the years as one of the “100 Best Jobs” in America. It performs an important support function in many sectors and provides a stable and consistent way to earn a good living.

Technical writers in the USA made an average of $67,910 a year, according to the latest available STC (Society for Technical Communication) Salary Data (2012).

Again according to the same STC survey, the top 10% of technical writers in the U.S. made an average of $101,660 in 2012. According to glassdoor-dot-com, top-earning tech writers at companies like Google make as much as $165,000 a year.

Obviously this course alone cannot guarantee that you will find a lucrative job right away but you will learn how to create your first technical document which you can use in applying for a technical writing position.

IMPORTANT: In this course you’ll have the chance to complete a final assignment which will be reviewed personally by your instructor. You will receive a written review of your document with improvement ideas to maximize your chances in this steadily growing and exciting writing niche.

The course has all the materials you’ll ever need, including hours of videos, PDF documents, and complimentary ebooks.

It will take about six to eight weeks from start to finish if you spend 15-20 min a day.
The course takes you from the basic principles of good technical writing and covers many other topics including:

  • components of technical documents,
  • how to create a MS Word document template,
  • how to write procedural descriptions properly,
  • how to create tables,
  • how to convert text and information into tables,
  • main types of images used in technical writing,
  • and much more.

SUPPLEMENTARY PDFs: Most lectures have downloadable PDFs related to the videos. Click the second-from-left button (with down arrow on it) on the upper-right corner of the lecture screen to access these PDF document.
What did they say about this course…

  • “A very fine course. The course was very well delivered and lectures divided into sections and all sections contained important information and tips. Quizzes were just right for the task. Dr. Akinci presented the material clearly and competently. Moreover, he corrected the assignments promptly while providing a very thorough feed back.”

Shaheda Rizvi

  • “Take this Course! My name is, Justin Berg, I am a Product Manager for a web based EHR called MediTouch. I took this course to help with job responsibilities, but I wish I took this course in High School. I could have used the material from then and into the Future! The course was easy to complete and the material is to the point. The teacher will give great feedback for your final project and even offered to help assist with technical writing questions into the future.”

– Justin Berg

  • “Practical and useful… Possibly the most useful course I have ever taken.”

Joaquin Roman

  • “The grammar refresher at the beginning is incredibly helpful, and what I liked best was the introduction to vector graphics and flowcharts. Love it!”


  • “Finally a Technical Writing and Editing course that I can recommend to my colleagues and students.”

Hakki Ocal
Go ahead and start your journey to job stability and higher earnings today!

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