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Course Description

Z-Sports Science

All SPORTS Training for:
-Breathing for Performance -Mind Sharpening-Flexibility

Increase Sports Performance to Affect Breathing, The Mind and Overall Flexibility.

This ZSports­ S­cience Expe­ri­ence for Sports Teams, Coaches, Train­ers and Athletes. Anyone looking for the competitive edge.

Flexibility Training coupled with Breathing Techniques and Mind Sharpening Skills in this one of a kind Training Session. No Experience Necessary. Prepare yourself for success on and off the field. In this Session, you will work on Breathing, Mind Sharpening and flexibility gained through deep stretching with the ZStick. This helps to maintain the body’s posture & alignment resulting in a better economy of energy. Additionally, the muscle is flexible and able to extend a full range of motion, reducing injury.

BREATHING–When we lose or hold our breath dur­ing sports com­pe­ti­tion, the mind dis­con­nects with the body. When this hap­pens, it often results in mak­ing the high­light reel for the wrong rea­sons! Learn how to control this! Breath­ing can increase alert­ness and recov­ery and used prop­erly gives you access to your own per­sonal Oxy­gen Bar.
MIND SHARPENING–Many exer­cises that are labeled as Med­i­ta­tion are actu­ally mind related tools that increase focus, com­po­sure, alert­ness and instinc­tual reac­tions. Con­nect­ing the breath with these exer­cises com­pounds the pos­i­tive results.

FLEXIBILITY– Work on Flexibility, inside and out. Stretching that will make you more durable and Mind Flexibility that will allow you increased composure and focus in stressful situations. Stretching with the Z-Stick that can be done out­side of the Yoga Stu­dio and will help reduce injuries while increas­ing range of motion. Learn how to prop­erly direct the breath while stretch­ing with the Z-STICK to allows for a faster increase of over­all flexibility.

Hydration Sports Science- Learn the benefits of proper Hydration and why the recommended, “drink 8 x 8oz. of water” could be hindering your performance.
Football-Baseball-Basketball-Lax-Soccer-Hockey-Golf-MMA-All stick sports

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