Udemy – Learn Simple Strategies to Wake up Early [100% off]

Learn Simple Strategies to Wake up Early

Course Description

In this course you learn how to wake up at 5AM in the morning. Waking up early gives you the freedom and time to chase the vision you are after. It gives you the self-respect, confidence and discipline to truly express who you are. 
Master the Habit of Waking up Early by Learning Simple Strategies and Perspectives.
  • Recognize the potential of rising early;
  • Restructure your mental perspective on waking up early;
  • Deconstruct your own process of waking up;
  • Install a ‘fail safe’ to keep you motivated;
  • Learn the desire to go to sleep earlier;
  • Learn a simple mind game to wake up early;
  • Learn to actually enjoy waking up early.
Choose to have two hours of freedom every day. No boss to answer to, no responsibilities, but time to do what your heart desires to do. 
We’ll learn how the habit of waking up early can be broken down, and where exactly we can insert strategies and perspectives to change this habit. Accompanied by a view stories of successful people who woke up early, you’ll learn the necessary skills to get this habit down. We will dive deeper than the general ‘put your alarm clock on the other side of the room’-advice. We will learn how and where to steer our thoughts and emotions in the early morning and we will discover a new perspective on time. 
Each of the lectures is easily understandable and applicable to your life. We will analyse different processes in your life, come up with morning activities. We will create reasons and desires for you, which are applicable in one of the strategies. 
So let’s work together to get this habit down and help build a community of learners and high achievers who want two hours of freedom to express their own vision in life.

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