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It’s never been easier to get a game into an app store. Literally anyone with a relatively small budget and a few weeks (sometimes less) can publish their own game.
This course will teach you how.
Read on for more details… 
Not so long ago, you needed a team of programmers and artists, a large budget and six months or more to develop a mobile game for iOS and Android. 
I know this from first hand experience. As a programmer myself, I put together a team of six artists and developer, and worked for six months from inception to upload. 
Six months of salaries, headaches, and hard work ended up with my first iOS game Syncroz (now on Android as well). 
Despite the game being generally well received, I lost money, overall by the time I paid all the staff, and of course six months is a long time! It was a hard lesson, but I knew there had to be a better way.
If only I knew then, what I know today! 
Game reskins are the best way for a beginner to get started in the app publishing business! I don’t think there is a better opportunity anywhere else right now. 
Reskining games, you say?
What is reskinning I hear you ask ?
Reskinning is the process of swapping out the graphics and sounds from an existing game, and re-publishing it, optionally targeting a new demographic of player. 
I know at first glance that sounds strange, and you might be wondering, is that legal and even if it is, whats the point?
Yes, its totally legal and ethical and by targeting a new demographic of player, you can introduce the game to a totally new audience. And I explain how to do all of this and loads more in the course. 
Yes, reskinning is an exciting and relatively new process, but like anything new there are pitfalls, and good and bad ways to go about it. 
The course will go through all of this in detail so you know exactly what to do to maximise your chances of success. 
What are my credentials to teach?
Well, since I found out about reskinning apps in early 2013 I have completed and uploaded over 500 game reskins for myself and clients. 
I am an acknowledged expert with game reskins, operating the highly successful reskinning apps “google helpout” as well as the #1 reskinning apps blog on the internet. 
Feel free to google “reskinning apps” and changes are high you will see my material on page one.
This course has evolved from speaking to literally thousands of people and working with hundred of clients over this time. None of what you read is “Theory”, its all based on my experiences and real like game reskins. 
Who is this course aimed at?
Its aimed at someone starting out with game reskins, or wanting to take more control of their own game reskins. 
That said, some of the concepts like marketing, source code purchasing, finding resources, etc will be of benefit to advanced students as well. 
Why take this course?
If you want to get involved in with apps and to build a sustainable apps business, there is no better place to start than with reskinning games. 
You will be learning the process based on my knowledge acquired from a lifetime (30 years) as a software developer, games, publisher, and game reskinner. 
What am I going to learn?
Learn how to get started in the apps business, publishing games for iOS and/or Android devices.
A clear understanding of what reskinning is, and how to go about it in a legal and ethical manner.
How to find the technical people like artists, and programmers you need to get your game reskins completed using popular sites like elance and odesk. 
An understanding of what “source code” is, why you need it, and more importantly where to get it from, and how to choose the best source code. 
A happy state of mind knowing that any recommended websites in the course are truly based on the best to help you succeed and not to line my pockets with cash. e.g. No affiliate links were harmed/used in the production of this course! 
Other things you will learn:-
The most important attributes in a game (hint: nothing to do with ads!).
Why most tools (particularly those offered by “marketers”) should be avoided at all costs.
Why cross platform games may be the hottest opportunity now, and how to get into that market.
Best monetisation practices for your games. 
Choosing themes, why its so vital and best practices in choosing the right one.
Best practices for marketing your game. 
App store optimisation – What is is, and best practices to give your game every chance of success.
A breakdown of the extra skills (over and above the basic required skills) to ensure your resources have before letting them work on your projects. 
Best practices for modifying an existing game (new levels, characters, etc) and why this can make a dramatic different in your results. 
A non emotional answer to the important question “iOS or Android”. 
What about the various steps in a game reskin?
I’ll go into detail with each and every step of a reskin!
Project Managers (yourself or outsourced and why someone needs to take up the role)
Artwork (determining what needs to be done, extra skills needed, how to find resources)
Sound and Music (why its vital not to overlook and how to go about it). 
Testing and Integration (why this step might be more important than any other, and how most people don’t do this, to their detriment). 
Monetization Setup (how to do properly – do this wrong and your earnings are $0)
App store setup
Uploading the game
Problem Resolution – How to open a dialogue with the App stores if your app is rejected, and more importantly how to overturn the rejection! 
What else is going to rock my world?
How about ensuring you don’t get distracted by the next “shiny object” before succeeding! Did you know that happens to be the best of us? 
I put together some vital information on what I have learned about success, specifically with avoiding distraction, making decisions, investing and committing in yourself, copying with negativity, obtaining competence, and goal setting. 
All of this as it relates to your apps business! 
A set of steak knives Tim?
Well, maybe not, but how about some extra videos that give you the low-down on
Marketing your games (apps in general). 
App store Optimisation
Why game clones are not reskins and should be avoided at all costs.
Monetization Best practices.
Modifying game reskin source code to add value. 
Will you be updating this course Tim?
You bet, I have been blogging about reskinning apps for close to 18 months on my blog, and after the release of my reskinning ebook have been itching to do a video course. 
So yes, it will be updated often with new content because this industry changes fast.
I welcome all questions and will be replying to them personally and in the case of the more popular questions will actually create new videos to discuss them. So here is your chance to get your questions answered! 
What now?
Its time to decide. Are you ready to get serious about your online business and learn from an expert? Click the Blue “Take This Course” button now and come join me.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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