Udemy – Learn Podcasting With Expert Online Marketing Entrepreneurs [100% off]

COURSE DESCRIPTIONLearn How To Podcast and Conduct Online Interviews

In this course I interview 10 experts who are Podcast and Interview show hosts.

You will learn about their story and why they started interviewing others, what’s working today and what they are currently doing with their online show.

Each guest shares different tips and strategies about there Podcasting Journey.

Some interviews also discuss various topics beyond just Podcasting & Interviews.

You will learn from:

Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com
Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com
Alan Levy of BlogTalkRadio.com
Meron Bareket of MeronBareket.com (The Inspiring Innovation Podcast)
Mike Thomas of MikeFromMaine.com
Navid Moazzez of NavidMoazzez.com (The Lifestyle Architects)
Michael O’Neal of SolopreneurHour.com
Bryan Kelly of WhatTheSpeak.com
Nick Ruiz of RecycledGoGetter.com
Liz Brazier of LizBrazier.com (Live Your Live Now)
John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire.com
Each interview is in video format but I also have included an Mp3 download of each video in the course.

You will also learn:

How To Conduct Interviews With Google Hangouts
How To Use Auphonic To Upload Podcasts & Improve Audio Quality

Bonus Material: How To Use Evernote For Goal Setting

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