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Learn Piano Christmas Song 1 - Play Dreamy Piano Music

Course Description

Note: Launching Discount for $29. The price of this course will go up to $99 by October 23, 2015.

Dreamy Piano music is a quiet, elegant music that uses chords & harmony from jazz and classical music. This is the kind of music that is very relaxing and soothing for meditation or dining with family and beloved friends.

It’s the choice of chords that you choose to create the nostalgic atmosphere with sweet sounds.

When these chords are put together, it has a magical feel that is timeless and elegantly graceful. This kind of music brings hope and pleasure to our lives. After playing such music, one’s spirit feels lifted up in the journey. The musical path is one of delight and joy.

How To Communicate Dreamy Sweet Sounds:

  1. Build on smooth romantic chord progression 1625
  2. Use extended chords & their variations
  3. Splash in some cocktail runs in empty measures
  4. Make use of the empty measures to do chromatic turn arounds
  5. Use Unexpected Smooth Jazzy Ending
  6. Use m3 chord trick for smooth chord transitions

Dreamy Sweet Piano Techniques:

1. Rolling Cascading Waterfall Run – Triplets

2. Color Chords – Augmented +5

3. Build on 1625 Chord Progression Movement

4. Color Chords – Major 7

5. Dreamy Cascading Fill in – 3rds in 10ths

6. Smooth Descending Bass Line

7. Polychord Rolling Waves – Colorful Dreamy Sounds

8. Smooth Scale Run Lead in

9. Nostalgic Ballad 9

10. Use Color Chords – Flat 9 of the Dominant Chord

11. Trill

12. Chromatic Chords Turn Around – Em7 Eb7 Dm7 G7b9/D

13. Polychord Stride Pattern – Colorful Dreamy Sounds

14. Color Chords – Diminished 7 Chords

15. Dreamy Ballad Major 7

16. Dreamy slow Glissando Run

17. Dreamy m3 chord substitution Technique – F & AbM7

18. Fill In: Double Up Chord Tones AbM7

19. Smooth Jazzy Ending – Bb9 Ab9 C6/9

20. C6/9 Ethereal Ending

I demonstrate the above 20 Techniques into the Song: White Christmas.


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