Udemy – Learn Photoshop in One Hour & start making money at home [100% off] Worth $285!!

Course Description

Learn the key Photoshop skills I use to make $6,000 per month online.
(Note: The price of this class will go up as new skills and tricks are added, so get in early. Once you buy this course it’s yours forever and all of the upgrades will be free!)
I quit my job in 2001 and have never worked in an office or reported to a boss again. My average income from Graphic Design work is around $6,000 per month, but it could easily be much more. Working online allows you to have clients anywhere in the world, so there is always plenty of work.
Many people believe Photoshop is difficult to learn. There is no denying that it is very powerful and can be complex, but there are a number of simple skills you can learn right now that will enable you to start offering services online. Once you have mastered some core techniques, you will feel more comfortable with more advanced techniques, and in return be able to raise your rates.
I will also show you some of my favorite techniques to find new clients.
We begin with a quick hour of training. Then, using the tools from the training I will show you a few key skills that I use to generate income. After that I will show you some ways to find clients. Here’s one of the keys, you don’t want to try and find jobs where everyone else is. So forget Elance and other job boards. I’ll show you what actually works.
As I add more to this class the price will go up. So I recommend you get in early. Once you buy this class you will be in for life. So it could go well over a few hundred dollars, but you may have only paid $59.
In this course we will learn the following:
  1. The 3 Most Important Parts of Photoshop
  2. The Secrets to the Layers Panel
  3. The most important tools and how they work.
  4. The one quick skill that can bring you tons of income.
  5. My favorite tricks
  6. How to find clients today!
If you are not 100% satisfied that this course is worth the price you paid, I will give you a full refund.

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