Udemy – Learn Photoshop for UI Design from Scratch [50% off]

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Learn Photoshop for UI Design from Scratch

Course Description

A lot of professional UI Designers use fast workflows and Photoshop Extensions to speed up and assist in their UI Design process and they use specific settings to avoid problems in the end of any UI Design Project…

But most of us don’t know the basic settings, shortcuts, tools and extension we need in Photoshop to start any UI Design Project

LEARN ALL THAT in this course

  • This course will cover in detail about all the basics of Photoshop for UI Design.
  • This course will cover all the Common Shortcuts, tools and Secret Extensions to make UI Design process a breeze.
  • Course core focus is UI Design, you can apply all this knowledge to Landing Page design, Web App or Mobile App Design

Course Structure

  • There will be a lot of PRACTICAL Exercises and Design CHALLENGES for students
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge of Photoshop regarding UI Design

To learn most of the Secret Techniques, shortcuts and Settings which UI Designers use all the time

Each section will have Challenge Exercises for you

Also there will be quizzes to test your knowledge of Photoshop UI Design Skills

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