Udemy – Mobile App Design: Learn UX/UI and Start Freelancing Career [100% off] Worth $199

Learn iOS 8 Mobile App Design and Make $4,000 A Month
Would you want to develop a highly profitable skill with which you can make a profitable income by working when you want from where ever you want?
Or maybe you are seeking for a complete career change that gives you more money, time and flexibility?
I’m talking about a set of skills that customers are actually want and those skills are trending right now in the market.
Startups, companies and individual people are willing to pay a top dollar for the high quality mobile app designs because they know that a great looking design makes their business succeed.
iOS 8 Mobile App Design Course: Learn UI/UX and Earn Money is absolutelly complete course where you are going to earn exactly those skills and make money instantly.
Mobile App UI / UX Designers typically earns around $100K/per year working for companies and startups.
But if you decide to work as a freelancer online, you can expect to get $100/hour for the work as a UI / UX designer.
Where is no coding or programming required.
Now, as the newest Apple iPhone iOS 8 came into the market, you have an opportunity to learn every new aspect about iOS 8 Design patterns.
Become the first one who already knows how to design for iOS 8 and be at the top instantly from other graphic designers, who doesn’t know about iOS 8 yet.
About this course:
  1. Learn how to start from scratch with your own app idea
  2. Go through all the user researching steps on finding your target audience.
  3. How to figure out who to target (marketing tips).
  4. Learn how to create sketches and wireframe .
  5. Learn User Experience Design (UX) techniques trending in job market right now.
  6. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshope for designing User Interface (UI) Designs.
  7. I’m going to show you my workflow and how I’m going to start design my own app idea, News Reader App, from absolute zero to the great looking iOS 8 design style.
  8. You are going to implement everything you learned in the previous lessons and in the final section, I’m going to show you a bunch of different tips and resources, how to start making big money with your new skills.
  9. Assignments which are going to help you learn UI / UX Design for Mobile App
After this course, you can go to the world and start seeking for a jobs at the biggest world companies or startups, or start freelancing online on your own and in your own home.
With those freelancing tips applied, you can expect to earn $100/h of your work.
Where is no problem if you don’t know Photoshop at all.
Plus you are going to get Adobe Photoshop ffr free for the first days,so you don’t need to buy it.,
After completing this course, you ain’t going to worry about your future and how to make money online or how to find a job on your dream company or startup.
Or maybe you want to create your own app, collaborate with a developer and upload that app to the app store?
You are going to achieve this after completing this iOS8 Mobile App Design Course. And even more.
All in all, you are going to get 5 course in one:
·How to come up with your own app idea
·User Experience skills to research your target audience and create sketches and wireframes for the app
·Learn Adobe photoshop from ground zero
·Design your own app in Adobe Photoshop
·How to make money with your new skills, so effective freelancing and job seeking in the companies and startups.
Plus, you are going to get fast and responsive answers from me, your instructor so you ain’t going to wait days to get response if you have any problems or want to consult with me.
Also, if you don’t like my course you have 30 days money back guarantee, so you don’t lose anything!
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