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Learn HTML - Use LUNLUN44 For A Smooth Start

Course Description

Mr. T. is a very good friend of mine. One day, Mr. T. decided he wanted to learn HTML. So, he started to search for online HTML tutorials. Most ones he could find contained HTML code.

‘Where do I type that code? What do I do with it?” was his first question.

Upon further investigation, he learned that he needs to get a text editor, where to paste that code. Feeling happy for this discovery, he installed a text editor, and pasted there the HTML code.

‘How do I run this code?” was his second question.

He learned that there was no “RUN” button in the text editor he chosen initially. He found a way to save the HTML program as a separate file, and load it into an web browser.

‘Why do the text editor has so many options?’ was his third question.

He realized that the text editors were meant for people wanting to learn ALL about HTML. He wanted some text editor to just start learning HTML. Something simple, yet all-inclusive.

‘Why does my text editor doesn’t have any examples already embedded in it?’ was his fourth question.

When he asked this question online, on some HTML forums, he got an avalanche of negative answers. Starting with “You’re stupid! Text editors are not created the way you like – are created the way their creator wanted!” and ending with “If you’re so lazy to paste HTML code yourself, you’ll never make it.”

Whenever he asked for help on those HTML forums, he received half-answers most of the time. He got pieces of code, but not the full program. He later realized that the answers he received were given to him by people who had no obligation to answer him. And the quality of those answers reflected the boredom and lack of interested of those who answered him, for free.

One day, out of despair and frustration, Mr. T. asked me:

‘Could you create a HTML editor that has a RUN button, that has embedded examples I can run with one click? I would gladly pay $99 for such an editor.’

That got me thinking. What if I create such an HTML editor, and offered it for free, instead of $99?

That’s how LUNLUN44 started its life.

LUNLUN44 is an all-inclusive HTML-learning tool. It can run a dozen of other languages as well, but for now, all you need to know it that it can run HTML in an easy manner. How easy? How fast? All that information is in the video above – it will take you less than 2 minutes to watch it, but the benefits of LUNLUN44 can last for a lifetime.

There is an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you run your first program. LUNLUN44 will make sure you get that feeling within 44 seconds since the moment you decide to see for yourself how easy HTML learning can be.


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