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Course Description

  • Want to get into programming and web development, but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to learn how to create a website for your brand or business?
  • Are you an internet marketer or online entrepreneur and tired of hiring expensive web developers to build and maintain your sites?
  • Do you want to get a higher paying job in web development, digital marketing or content management?
  • Are you already a graphic designer looking to transition to web design?
  • Are you a writer or artist looking to promote your work, outside of Facebook and Twitter, through your own blog or stand alone website?
  • Are you a power WordPress User who wishes to have more control over the layout and format of your WordPress posts/pages?

Learning to code HTML is the first step!

In this course you will learn basic HTML by creating your own web pages and following along step by step with the instructor in a “learn by doing fashion”. No prior knowledge is required to learn HTML from this course other than how to use a basic text editor and a browser! You will learn by creating your own web pages, starting with a the classic Hello World example and moving along to headings, text formatting, tables and forms. Each HTML tutorial video has been produced to be simple, straight to the point and easy to understand.

What you’ll learn in this course

  • What is HTML
  • HTML Document Structure
  • HTML Headings and Paragraphs
  • Formatting Text & Creating Lists
  • Creating Tables in HTML
  • HTML Forms
  • Understanding Hyperlinks
  • Working with Images
  • Web Page Layout

Invest in yourself!

By completing this course from beginning to end you will not only increase your skills and knowledge but your confidence and ability to tackle more complicated programming and web development projects.

Sign up now and take a giant step towards becoming your own web development master!

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