Udemy – Learn How to Use iOS 8 and All Its New Features in 1 Hour! [100% OFF]

Being a developer I have had access to and been using iOS 8 since June. I have plenty of first-hand experience with this beautiful new operating system released by Apple, and cannot wait to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Feeling lost?
iOS 8 is Apple’s “biggest update“. Amidst all of the changes, you need to know how to properly and efficiently navigate and use your own phone. In just an hour you can learn all the tips and tricks of iOS 8 and become a master of all of its new features designed for efficiency.

Not sure about iOS 8?
Unsure if you really want to switch over to iOS 8? Comfortable with iOS 7 because its what you are used to? Well in just an hour I can get you to become more familiarized and deeply knowledgeable of iOS 8 then you are in your current operating system. I will also show why exactly it is that iOS 8 is better for you!
In This Course:
Throughout the course I will walk you through what iOS stands for and its significance, iOS 8’s top features, give you all of iOS 8’s efficiency features, walk you through all of the new features of iOS 8, and finally give you an overview of why iOS 8 has such a bright future.

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