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Course Description

More videos will be added this and next year, but then the price goes up for the new students.

This course is published at: October 15, 2015

Millions of people are parents. Each parent thinks his or her way of raising children is the best way. But not everybody can be right.

Unfortunately I have to say, most parents are doing many things wrong. This is because good parenting has never been understood and explained properly. Most of the time parents continue their parenting, or are going to do the opposite. Well, your parents thought something like this also when they were raising you. And their parents, etc. With this course I am giving you new insights so you can improve or change your way of parenting to a higher level.

Believe me, good parenting is rare. But it is possible.

Like there is only one version of math, there is also only one right version of parenting. With math you can do many things. Same with raising children. So they will not be the same. But both have a foundation of basic rules. Good parenting is based of children’s need and how to treat kids. This is the foundation. I give you the foundation, so you and your children can create a solid, original and beautiful human being.

The title is suggesting you can damage children with the wrong parenting. This is true. More on this in the videos. But if you do not believe it, think about this. When children are born, they are happy, not insecure, nice, friendly, playfull, etc. When you look at most adults, they have lost this. They have lost their joy of life or have a very limited version of it. They lost this during their growing up. And this is damage. It has nothing to do with adulthood. Adults can be happy persons too.

I explain what will happen if you do or do not certain things. Most parents do not realize how their influence comes across. With this course I hope you get thoughts like: “Yes, you are right, that is better.” It is not because I want to be right; it is because I want better parents for children, so children can keep their happiness or get it back.

Believe me, if you want the best for your children and you want a happy family life, you need this course. Probably you need help or you want to prepare, because otherwise you would not be here. Raising children is very complicated. Don’t make it harder by doing the wrong things. And I can assure you, if you are doing the right things, raising children will be very easy. You could even start enjoying it.

And in the case this course does not help you, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

As said before, more videos will be added starting this year (2015) and the price will go up because of that. Topics to come:

  • Should you be friend or parent.
  • To do chores or not.
  • Why do things go wrong.
  • How to be in charge again.
  • Why do children rebel.
  • How does self esteem get damaged.
  • The influence of grand parents.
  • And more.


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