Udemy – Learn How To Make Money Online With Antiques & Collectibles [100% off] Worth $299 !!

What You Will Learn
In this course you will learn how to make money buying and selling antiques and collectibles. We teach the secrets of the trade and how to run your own antiques and collectibles business. 
Who Is It Suitable For?
Anyone selling antiques and collectibles for a profit will benefit from this in depth course, maybe you currently are looking to make money from flipping items, this will take you to the next level, where the real money is. 
Are You Thinking About Starting Your Own Business?
You may be looking to start your own part time or full time business, with this course, we will cover everything you need to consider to make money selling antiques and collectibles. 
A Difficult Trade
The antiques trade is notoriously difficult to make money from, but if you know how to develop niche areas of expertise, how to identify niche marketplaces and understand the psychology of the auction room, then you have will be able to overcome the barriers that most people fail to overcome. 
Some of the subjects covered in the course:
A note on provenance | Auction houses | Auction houses / online catalogues | Auctions online / Ebay | Car boots / yard sales | Antiques fairs | Direct from the public | Other dealers | Negotiations | Preparation for the auction | Creating an auction diary Creating an auction list | Pre-sale visit | Deciding your prices | Job lots | In the boxes | The psychology of the auction room | Bringing your stock into inventory | Packing your items | Clean up | Surprises | Stock numbering | Entering into stock | Storage of stock | Finding your market | Developing your online presence | Selling on your website | Choosing a website platform | Using third party platforms | Third party platforms – examples | Listing on eBay | Selling direct to collectors | Selling at fairs | Selling in antiques centres | Creating your listings | Identifying your items | Listing systems | Listing template | Writing the description | Postage chart | Estimating postage costs | Photography equipment | Studio area | Camera choice | Camera settings | Photograph the stock | Uploading to platforms | Duration of listings | Managing the sale | Postage and shipping | Communication with your client | Communication tools | Packing | Advertising material | Postage collections | Follow up communication | Updating inventory / accounts | Social marketing and paid advertising | Creating conversations | Building relationships | Promoting your knowledge | Sharing socially | SEO for your website | Testimonials and reshares | Advertising with Adwords | Building a mailing list | Building a community of collectors | Website | Postage / Packing | Advertising | Antique fairs and centres | Reference materials | Listing fees / transaction fees | Tax / VAT | Insurance | Financing your stock | Deciding your stock levels | Storage costs | Stock clearance | Photography equipment | Choosing an accountant

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