Udemy – Learn How to Make a Minecraft Server [100% off]

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Build your very own fully functional Minecraft server. This course provides you with detailed video instructions to get your Minecraft server up and running in less than an hour.
You will learn to install and configure your own private server where you can pre-screen your players.
This course is ideal for:

  • A Minecraft gamer
  • A parent whose children play Minecraft
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make a Minecraft server

All you need to know in one easy to follow course to build your own Minecraft server.
The step by step instructions will show you how to setup a private server for your friends and family to play on.
At the end of this course you will be able to run and manage your own Minecraft server.
You will be able to have your friends join you on your own Minecraft server.
In this course you can follow along with me to set up your own Minecraft server.

Section 1: Introduction
In the first section I discuss the requirements for the Course.
Before you install the Minecraft server on your computer there are a few requirements. You should have a Windows operating system, preferably Window 7 or XP.

Section 2: Set up Your Computer
In the second section I’ll review how to set up your computer. You will also require Java to play the game which I will explain how to download if you don’t have it installed.

Section 3: Download the Minecraft Server Software
In the third section I’ll show you what files you have to download to start your server and how to first run the Minecraft server.

Section 4. The Minecraft Server Files
In the fourth section, I’ll review the server files and discuss the server properties file that you have to configure to access for the game. You can determine who can join your private server.

Section 5. Port Forwarding
In the fifth section, I’ll guide you to setup your server for port forwarding. One of the more challenging aspects of setting up a proper server is configuring port forwarding to allow other users to access your server outside of your local network. I discuss how to setup port forwarding for your router.

Section 6. Router Configuration
In the sixth section, I describe in detail the steps required to help you configure your router for the Minecraft server.

Section 7. Run the Minecraft Server
In the seventh and final section, I’ll show you how to run and connect the Minecraft server.

Documents, links and downloads are included in the course to help you with your Minecraft server setup:

  • The MINECRAFT SERVER COMPUTER SETUP WORKSHEET to help you with your computer setup
  • Downloadable lecture notes from various lectures

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