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Course Description

Revealed, Learn How to Get Incredible Photographs Today.
Learn how to use any camera to get remarkable photos of your children, nature, adults, and rhinos.
You’ll learn in this course, secrets from my 27 years of professionally shooting in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, USA, 722 weddings, angel investors, CEO’s, families and from my worldwide travels and one-woman exhibitions. 
1. You’ll learn how to use your camera, how to see and work with light, and shoot from the best angle.
2. You’ll create compelling composition with a few tweaks to what you may all ready be doing.
3. Learn how to love people with your camera to capture their unique essence. Discover pitch perfect timing when you’re shooting people in the first video here.
How to have fun while shooting so you stay relaxed and happy. This is the most important tip while photographing people.
4. See with fresh eyes in your own backyard and while traveling.
There’s no theory here.
This is hard-won advice after decades on the front lines of professional photography. You’ll get the benefit of the expertise that clients paid me $500 an hour to shoot for them.
Why take this course?
So you don’t have to go through the pain I had to when I first started my photography business 27 years ago. 
No one told me the secrets you’re getting here.
I don’t care if you’ve never picked up a camera before. 765 students from 29 countries both online and offline have seen their photography improve with these simple techniques. 
Here’s what they have said, 
“It made me see in a new way.”
– Reena Sakaria, USA
I learned so much today, thank you it was so much fun!
– Virginie, Paris, France 
I know how to use my new camera now.
– Emma, Sweden 
“Angle, timing, composition and lighting, I learned it all today. I feel renewed to see the world differently.”
– Jacky Li, Canada 
“I am so excited to experiment after what I learned today!”
– Maggie Culver, United Kingdom
There are 11 video testimonies on my youtube channel, just search Mary Bartnikowski on youtube and see what students are saying who I’ve taught in my private sessions.
You’ll learn that a photographer is a painter in a hurry and that it’s all about your vision not the number of your pixels. 
And not how much money you spent on the camera you are using. 
You can use your point and shoot or phone to take this course.
You won’t have to buy a fancy camera just to learn this practical advice. 
You’ll get my free ebook on Secrets of Stunning Photography, my life’s work in 39 pages.
This book alone is worth the price of the course.
You’ll be inspired with simple to follow tips and real life examples of how to capture people, elephants, hummingbirds and night shots. 
You’ll get live sessions and critiques so you’ll come away with much better photographs, and a big dose of enthusiasm for photography and kickstarting your vision. 
Come on down and learn how to get amazing photographs from an award-winning photographer making money shooting years before Photoshop was invented. 
The low price of $47 is far less than my private sessions for $300.
You’ll benefit from my 7 years of world travels steeped in exotic cultures in 32 countries, shooting, writing, and teaching globally. 
Go to my web site if you want one on one guidance.
Happy to help you get stunning photographs today!
Now all you need to get started is a camera (point and shoot, phone, or DSLR) and you’ll be getting much better photographs now. 
You can complete the 18 lectures in 1.5 hours but it’s best to take longer and practice the solid gold advice in each 3 to 5 minute video. 
I guarantee this course will improve your photographs by following the guidance and tips here.
More Free Photo Advice: join me on my vagabond travel blog in my links section and on facebook.
Find me inside this course for live advice. 
The price of this course is going up on April 4, 2015 so get it now while it’s almost free.
Full guarantee on this course or your money back.
Enroll now and start getting amazing photographs today.

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