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It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even thought of learning how to freestyle rap or don’t know how to begin rapping, as this step by step program tricks you into finding the freestyle rapping skills you’ve always had inside of you. 
Freestyle Rapping is the art of improvising lyrics on the spot. It can help with songwriting for any genre of music, performing, and public speaking. This class will teach anyone how to freestyle rap within 7 minutes. 
This course will get you freestyle rapping even if:
  • You have no musical skill
  • You’ve never rapped before
  • You’ve never even thought of rapping
  • You don’t have any rhythm
  • You think you can’t do it.
  • You’ve tried before and failed.

This Freestyle Rapping course is for:
  • Beginners – people who have never freestyle rapped before
  • Fans of Hip Hop and Rap music
  • People looking to boost levels of creativity in their life
  • Musicians of any genre looking to get a powerful new songwriting tool that will help them write lyrics and get in a creative flow a lot faster.
  • Teachers interested in “tricking” their friends and students into freestyle rapping.
  • Anyone looking for a fast simple creative tool to help inspire greater creativity in life.

This Program Will Teach You How To Freestyle Rap In Minutes So You Can:
  • Immediately express whatever you are thinking and feeling
  • Have fun on long car trips with friends
  • Have a quick ice breaker at work and get to know your co-workers really fast
  • Create songs out of thin air whenever you want
  • Turn anything into a rap
  • Teach your kids how to freestyle rap so they can therapeutically express themselves in a fun and healthy way (much better than video games).
  • Improve the ability to think on your toes
  • Build confidence in public speaking
  • Help you steam more unique and creative ideas
  • Inspire out of the box thinking
This Udemy course will teach you how to freestyle rap in less than 10 minutes and then teach you how to write quality song lyrics using your new freestyle rapping skills. 
You can also use the simple steps to teach your friends how to rap so you can rap together on long car trips, have rap battles together or just experience some therapeutic emotional release… 
You can practice freestyle rapping using the included hip hop beats or free rap beat instrumentals found on youtube. 
This course is the only proven freestyle method that has a 100% success rate with 100’s of students.
I accidentally came up with the 4 step process in college when a girl in my co-op asked how she could start freestyling… 
We went through 4 simple small steps to make sure she was successful and it worked…
She ended up freestyle rapping better than I did my first time…
Since then…
I’ve been teaching college, high school and elementary school students how to rap for over ten years and I’m super excited to finally release this freestyle rap method to the world. 
I used the songwriting skills taught in this course to make 100’s of hiphop, r&b and rock music songs. 
When I was 16 I asked my friend Mark to teach me how to rap and he gave me two golden rules.
1. When starting out don’t worry about rhyming
2. Don’t stop if you mess up.
These two golden rules and Marks’ encouragement were all I needed to start freestyle rapping which led me to writing 100’s of songs and opening me up to express myself creatively in all forms.
The truth is, if you can just follow these two rules then you don’t need this course. 
However, If you would like some extra support to get started and get access to the 4 magic steps that have been teaching 100’s of people how freestyle rap with a 100% success rate…
…then this course is for you.
Freestyle rapping has been such an amazing songwriting tool for me and I credit it for helping me open up to writing folk, guitar, electronic and hip hop songs. 
In college, whenever I was feeling down about girls not liking me, my friends and I would just get together around our dj homies (Dj Phatrick) turn tables and start freestyling. 
It always helped me laugh at myself and about the situations I got myself into.
There is nothing like the immediate release of emotion that comes with the ability to freestyle rap.
With freestyle rapping the more vulnerable and honest you can be, the more healing you will get from the practice. 
I went from being a super insecure, severely depressed, sweaty palm nerd, to a confident, friendly and smooth nerd because of freestyle rapping. 
Thanks for checking out my course and I sincerely hope it helps you.
The price will eventually go up to $197 as I am adding new content every month. 

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