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Learn How to Breakdance and Rule The Dance Floor

Course Description


Added May 2015:

  • Added a two new routines to show you how to put the moves together.

Added April 2015:

  • Bboy Workouts for Strength, Endurance, and Technique
  • A new Top Rock Routine
  • New freestyle exercise to improve Retention and Thinking On Your Feet

Join Over 1200+ students enrolled and 15 five-star reviews!

Course fully updated on May 2015.

Learn how to breakdance in just 4 weeks!

But first a few questions…

  • Are you worried about dancing because of your lack of rhythm?
  • Do you want to be able to show be the life of the dance floor?
  • Are you tired of looking through tutorial after tutorial?

I understand because I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to just be a spectator while others got the attention.

I know it’s tough especially if you have no idea where to start.

Or even worst…

You don’t have enough time.

Whether you’re a serious dancer or someone who just wants to learn some awesome moves, How To Break Dance For Beginners is perfect for giving you a jump start in learning the world’s most athletic dance within minutes.

If you’ve taken classes or watched videos but still feel like you’re not getting anywhere, I don’t blame you.

Most teachers nowadays just show you how to do a dance move, but don’t tell you anything about how to apply it in an actual situation where there’s an audience.

Learning moves, practicing, and watching videos is great, but if you’re not using any of it on the dance floor, it’s pointless.

Since 2009, I’ve been training hundreds of students from all ages to learn how to breakdance.

I’ve also had the pleasure of dancing with crews such as Culture Shock, Mix’d Elements, Hit The Floor, and co-founding my team, Family Bizness.

Based on my dance and teaching experience, I show you guys the bits and pieces of of what makes this dance unique and how exactly what I do to make this dance my own.

“Emeroy is a very motivated and driven instructor and director who always ensures that his students gain a full knowledge and understanding of any dance style he teaches, including terminology and the history. He also teaches his students valuable life lessons as he makes them better dancers, teammates, and individuals.”

-Stephanie Hagberg, Breed Dance Crew, Culture Shock Dance Troupe

Each lesson gives you a brief demonstration of the move along with detailed, step-by-step instruction in how to perform them. Not only that, each move is shown in different angles so you can fully understand what you’re doing at all times.

Once you better understand those moves, I show you how to put them together.

Today you can learn how to breakdance at home without ever stepping foot into a dance studio and with ZERO experience.

You’re goal is to learn the moves that you like and easily create a combination that you can easily show off to your friends, family, or audience.

Like I said, no experience needed.


  • Being the center of attention when people see you on the dance floor.
  • Confidence on the dance floor beyond you’ve ever imagined
  • Being able to look like you’ve been working at it for months, when you’ve only been working at it for weeks
  • How badass you would feel when people see you

“When I was his student, he would continuously push me and my teammates to keep going until we finish; “No pain, no gain.” Having him as a dance coach has taught me that nothing in life comes easy. You get what you receive through the amount of work you put in it.”

-Jazlynn Pastor, Marvels Dance Crew

How To Breakdance For Beginners Will Show You…

1. The Basics

This is where you learn the most important part of ANY b-boy/b-girl/breakdancer, warm ups so you don’t get injured, the basic groove so you don’t look stiff, and the history so you understand the mentality of a b-boy.

2. Top Rocks

This is the part of b-boying/breakdancing where you’re still dancing on two feet. This is where you introduce to others who you are and let your character shine.

3. Transition Moves/Go Downs

This is where you go from the top and transition to your footwork with some style.

4. Footwork

This is where you’re using both your hands AND your feet to make footwork patterns that dazzle your audience.

5. Freezes

This is the period or the exclamation point at the end of your sentence. How dynamic you want to finish is completely up to you.

6. Power Moves

This element of breaking is what brought it’s popularity. Adding this to your repretoire will give you athleticism that will compliment your smooth footwork, controlled freezes, and dynamic top rocks.

7. Concepts and Exercises

This is where you start learning how to start taking all the moves you learned and start piecing them as one fluid motion so when you perform in front of an audience you’re focused more on having fun instead of thinking about the moves.

8. Bonuses

I give you guys music, behind the scenes training with a student, my practice methodology so you guys can improve much quicker, and much, much more.

9. A Step-By-Step Cirrculum to Get You Started

Have no idea where to get started? Start off at Day 1 and start learning. By the end of it, you’ll have your own combination you can show off to friends.

10. A Massive Library of Moves

Need a little variety in your step? Check out the massive library of moves that you can use in your combinations.

Emeroy makes sure he always delivers and gives amazing product. He will guide you the best way he can to make you understand what your learning. What’s great about him is that he’s always prepared.”

-Marc Miranda, Family Bizness Dance Crew

How Long Will This Course Take?

The beauty of How To Breakdance for Beginners is that you can go at your own rate.

This course has packed a years worth of moves for you to practice.

You can get pretty good at this dance within a month with only a FEW of the moves.

You don’t need to know how to do every single move listed, you just need to know enough to enjoy.

In this course I show you how my method in piecing everything together so you start creating your own flow in this dance.

I also give you the a 30 Day guarantee. I believe so strongly in this course that you will love what you’ll learn within the next 2 hours.

What’s the difference between this and How To Breakdance Mini-Course?

This course offers you more moves to learn and concepts in how to build confidence in your skills. How To Breakdance Mini-Course was just a taste for what you can create.


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