Udemy – Learn Gamemaker Studio with no past programming experience! [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

Join the journey to become a master at Gamemaker: Studio

In just one course, you will learn how to use and understand the GML language in Gamemaker: Studio. By making your own platform game, you will discover basics of Gamemaker and how to solve your own problems you have within your code. Platform games are the hardest games to make when working with the second dimension. Once you have gripped onto the concept of making a platformer, you will be able make games with ease.

My Story

I started off knowing no programming knowledge whatsoever with Gamemaker being my first programming language. I wanted to be the best game creator possible. I didn’t become the best, but I knew how to make games that could make me income. My first completed game got me an offer of $120. I made that game within 12 hours with rarely any programming experience whatsoever. I took a break and did web design but I couldn’t resist going back to Gamemaker. I went back to Gamemaker, and made games that I enjoyed myself. I learned from the manual, Gamemaker forums, youtube videos, and I had to go to multiple places in order to learn what I needed to learn.

I want to share my success in making games with you!

I made an intentionally awful but funny game on Gamejolt. I gained $0.50 from ad revenue but I had many people playing my game and 2.7K views. 2 little kids who I never knew who were far away from my area made a lets play of it. They weren’t famous, but they made me feel like I was the king of the world.

I want you to experience the feeling of success I have had with making games. It isn’t the profit that just matters, but the feeling of accomplishment and the sense that “I made this”


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