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Course Description

“Learn French Naturally For Children and the Young at Heart 2” will equip you and/or your child with the basic linguistic tools to take the next step on your French journey. This course teaches French primarily through the story “Les trois petits cochons” (The Three Little Pigs) and conversation, which is how our brains naturally learn languages. It is designed for beginners ages 8 and above who have completed my first course, taken at least a few months of French, or for those who want to freshen up their French.

If you want to learn how to actually use the language without having to memorize a bunch of grammar, then this course is for you.

For each section of the story I have included:

  • The important vocabulary (presented in chunks for better understanding of the language structures)
  • Quizlet and Memrise vocabulary activities (for various ways of practicing and playing with the vocabulary)
  • The story in French and English in both the present and past tenses
  • Read and discuss with comprehension questions (to gain an even more profound understanding and stick to only French)
  • Conversation questions with example answers (to make personal connections to the text and to practice with a partner)
  • Textivate activites (to work more with the chapter summary text)
  • A short dictation (to practice listening, writing, and to learn a little bit about grammar and spelling)
  • A quiz (to check for comprehension of the story)

After completing this course you and your child will be able to understand and use basic high-frequency French which will open doors to French conversation, travel, culture, and true joie de vivre.

I am committed to improving this course based on your feedback so that it can be the best beginning French course for children and the young at heart that you you can invest your time and resources in. Of course, if you are dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever this course is covered under Udemy’sunconditional 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Enroll now, or try it out for yourself by using the Free Preview feature to take the first step on your French learning journey!


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