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Course Description

Hi, welcome to this course, it is for beginners who are weak in English grammar.

In this course you will get every basic knowledge of grammar that will help you in making your English better.

What’s inside this course?

  1. Rules of grammar
  2. Parts of speech ( noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, interjection, conjunction and preposition)
  3. Articles (a, an & the)
  4. Sentence structure and making
  5. Tenses
  6. Present simple tense
  7. Present continuous tense (use of going to)
  8. Past simple tense
  9. Past continuous tense
  10. Use of can and could
  11. Future simple tense
  12. Future continuous tense
  13. Use of will be able to
  14. Use should
  15. Auxiliaries

You will also get exercises that will help you in improving your grammar. You will also get exercises’ answers at the end of this course.

So, if you want to learn or improve English grammar then don’t wait just take this course and be able to speak good English without making any grammar mistake πŸ™‚


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