Udemy – Learn Camtasia & Create Professional Videos: 2016 Edition [100% off] Worth $299!

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Course Description

Are you tired of boring old PowerPoint slides? Do you want to find better ways to reach your audience? Do you want smiling engaged students who learn from you? Can you connect with your students using your current teaching methods? Learning the real power of Camtasia can enable you to reach your full instructional potential! What are you waiting for? Change your life; change the lives of those around you!

What is this course about? The bulk of the course goes step by step into every aspect of Camtasia, offering insight that covers the basics as well as advanced techniques wrapped into each lecture. I coverspecific content such as: clip bin, library, callouts, zoom and pan, audio, transitions, music, video, clips, cutting, pasting, splitting, tracks, timeline, produce and share, hotkeys, and dozens of other topics. Bringing it all together to create smooth professional content that integrates well with training in multiple environments and platforms. Video Recording and screen cast can be difficult to pull off if you do not know how to focus on the small details that really make your media shine.

What kind of materials are included? The bulk of this course is video lectured with only slight variations, such as a quiz and additional details in the lecture description area. There are no additional materials included because YOU make the materials using Camtasia! Even if you don’t have Camtasia you can download a free trial from their site!

How long will it take to complete this course? With over 4 hours of video lectures you can complete it in one session. However, I recommend that you complete one section at a time per day and use Camtasia for your own practical exercises to get familiar with what I am teaching.

How is the course structured? Each section grows from the last sections and lectures. The easy parts are first followed by the more difficult parts at the end. It follows a logical order of how you would want to use Camtasia to produce media.


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