Udemy – Learn BuddyPress: Build A Social Network with WordPress [100% off]


Creating an online social network is not as hard as you might think.
If you’re an avid WordPress user, then you may have heard of the well known social networking solution called BuddyPress. This powerful plugin for WordPress transforms websites into a fully functional social network platform. 
BuddyPress is a great way to build a social network for your website, company, school, sports team, or any niche community. 
BuddyPress is a social network that allows users sign-up and create their very own profiles. Users can send messages, make connections with other users, create groups or communities, share status updates and much more. 
In this course you will learn all about BuddyPress. You will learn how to to setup and configure BuddyPress, how to manage and customize user profiles, how social networking works in BuddyPress, and customizing BuddyPress with plugins and themes. 

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