Udemy – Learn Android app development & promote your app like a pro [99% OFF]

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Learn Android app development & promote your app like a pro

Course Description

This Android development course teaches you how to take an idea and transform it into a fully functioning Android app and publish it to the Google Play Store within just a few days or weeks.

Stop your frustration today

Did you try learning Android development before, and it was too complicated, frustrating and difficult? Were you left with the bad options of having to hire expensive app developers or dev agencies? This course solves all those problems.

With this course you will get a step by step, very clear guide, on how to make your own apps, and get two instructors committed to helping you develop your app, launch it like a pro, and get many downloads for it.

Try the course now and start getting closer to building the next amazing app

How good would you feel if you never had to depend on hiring app developers or needing any money to launch your app? It would be amazing, right? And it is completely within reach!

If you have an idea for an Android mobile app, all your frustrations can end today so sign up for the course, and start taking real steps to making your app a reality.

If you are stuck trying to figure out where to start, you will love how this course is structured. This course teaches you the practical core concepts of Android development in a step by step manner, and you will be able to immediately use those concepts to build productivity and utility Android apps.

Android Dominance: Every Day You Don’t Have An App, You Are Missing Out

  • 1,500,000 DAILY new global Android device activation
  • 78% Android global smart phone market share
  • Soon Android will overtake Apple for revenue generated by app developers and it is currently almost even.

Learning by Doing

You learn development by

  1. Study
  2. Practice and
  3. Reading other peoples code

This course was to help you become an Android developer with a published app at the end of the course. Complex topics will be explained to you in common terms and you will be provided the source code that we will work on throughout the course and you will also be provided with a PDF step by step guide on all the programming task that will be performed.

This course will teach you how to use Android Studio which is now the official IDE for Android development. You will learn how to structure your project, which components to add first, how to proceed and more importantly how to integrate source control into Android development.

  • Learn Android Material Design
  • Learn the core components of Android development including Activity, Fragments and Intent, etc
  • Master how to implement List in Android app using RecyclerView
  • Learn how to implement data persistence in Android using SharedPreferences, SQLite Database and ORM
  • Learn Android features such how to use the Camera, Settings, and how to Pick Contact from Address book.
  • Learn advanced topics such as how to generate and export a CSV file from Android, how to run a task in the background and Android in app purchases

Learn App Business Planning, Marketing and Monetization To Get 1,000,000 Downloads And Make A Significant Income From Your Apps

This is the first Android course that combines software development with extensive app marketing, monetization and business strategies.

With this course you won’t simply make an app, but you will learn how to position and promote your app to get tremendous exposure and make you money.

Most app entrepreneurs find themselves lost after they launch their app because they struggle to get downloads. But not you. In this course, you will learn the business of apps, find growth, and make your apps a success, starting from absolute scratch.

No risk to try, so sign up now

Every Udemy course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So if there is something you don’t quite right with the course, you can just get your money back. But we are sure that you will love the course, and that you will love being able to make many apps of your own without having to depend on anyone. And if all else fails, you will be able to get a very well paying Android development job and make a great salary. So go ahead, sign up for the course, and begin making your app a reality starting today.


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