Udemy – Lean Manufacturing : Simplified… Interactive Learning [100% off]

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Course Description

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Lean philosophy teaches businesses how to eliminate wasteful practices while creating more valuable product for their customers.

Lean Manufacturing: Simplified will take students into the origins of Lean, and show how powerful Lean initiatives can be in a production environment.

With the demand for low cost production rising, Manufacturing companies have looked to Lean specialists to help regain profitability & efficiency.

This course will equip the students with the knowledge to Identify when and where a Lean strategy would be most effective. As well as give the student real world understanding of the Lean Manufacturing tools & principles, through real world case studies.

Who is this course for?

  • Management professionals looking to get a better idea of how Lean Manufacturing can impact their workplace.
  • Production managers looking to sharpen their skills and being to eliminate waste right in their own place of work.
  • Process Improvement Engineers looking to refresh their memory of the most effective Lean Manufacturing strategies.
  • College students currently studying lean manufacturing, looking for a quick resource/study guide


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