Udemy – Landing Page: Optimization to convertion and profit [100% off]


Optimize your Landing Page and increase Covertions up to 100%! Guaranteed!
The only Landing page optimisation course that info about the service that lets you Watch What Users is Doing on Your Page – great tool to analyse webpage and optimize landing page convertions + it has many cases, tests, facts, A/B testing info and so on! 
Novadays, Landing pages are nice and important, so people started to create them…and mostly didn’t succeed. Why? Because it’s not enought to only insert some sign up form or something else to make your page more landing – it’s a little more complicated, but i will explain to you what to do by easy words! With this course, you will optimize your Landing page to become the best!
  • Learn about landing page optimisation things you don’t know
  • Many useful information, like elements positioning, colours usage, examples, testing information and so on!
  • No useless talking – straight info how to be the best.
  • Many cases explained, including best and worst pages.
  • Little Google analytics guide – learn to analyse your Landing Page metrics in seconds!
You will reimagine your landing page’s knowledge – i will show you many cases and what features do landing page the best. 
Landing page optimization course includes tests, my little e-books and more! 

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