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LAMP is a stack of free and open source software. The acronym LAMP stands for: 
Linux – the operating system 
Apache – the web server 
MySql – the database server 
PHP/Perl/Python – the scripting language 
LAMP is used to run dynamic websites and servers and is an adequate alternative to commercial packages. Because of its flexibility, customization and cost effectiveness, LAMP is one of the most popular ways to develop enterprise level web applications. 
LAMP training solutions are a scalable, flexible, and easy to implement system for providing application services over the web. 
As experienced experts in deploying LAMP solutions, We provide you with the tips and tricks necessary to make your LAMP applications fast, efficient, and secure. Our LAMP training related programming courses focus on the development of lightweight, reusable, and secure code – allowing you to spend more time developing new services, and less time debugging old ones. 
LAMP is an open source Web development platform that uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the relational database management system and PHP as the object-oriented scripting language. 
LAMP has become a de facto development standard. Today, the products that make up the LAMP stack are included by default in nearly all Linux distributions, and together they make a powerful web application platform. The original LAMP acronym has spawned a number of other, related acronyms that capitalize on the main focus of the original combination of technologies to provide feature rich Web sites. 

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