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Ladies: Master the Art of Dating Allure + Approachability

Course Description

How can I approach that cute guy in a comfortable way?

What signals can I send to let him know I’m interested?

How do I steer clear of the ‘friend zone’?

I’ve tried online dating – I want another option!
Welcome to a Fresh Approach of Meeting & Dating – In Real Life
My students learn how to become highly approachable, lead with their own natural allure, and tap into everyday opportunities through small actions and positive shifts in mindset. The goal: to attract quality potential mates and set the dating experience up for success to build the foundation for a fantastic relationship.
My Experiences, Your Benefit
As an introvert I grew up fairly shy, so years ago I started taking steps to authentically hone and master key social skills such as acknowledgement, eye contact, friendly chats, and keeping an open mind about everyone I met. With those aspects as a foundation, I found myself enjoying fun, genuine encounters with people as I simply went about my day. I also started getting asked out by men in the most random places – airplanes, the bus stop, walking down the street, the greeting card section of the drug store… Everywhere. I soon realized the number of times I’d been asked for my phone number had gone into the triple digits, and girlfriends were regularly asking my advice on how to meet guys, flirt with confidence, and make a solid impression on dates. So I created the Girl Gets Date live workshop, coaching women all across Chicago on those topics and more. Now, dozens of workshops later, I’m excited to bring the course to Udemy and reach even more women (and MEN looking for insight into the female mind!) and include more than twice the content of the live workshop.
A Comprehensive Course
These are timeless tips that are applicable to all ages. My lectures reveal not only how to identify romantic encounter opportunities, but exactly what to do once you’ve found them. We start with building up key social skills and awareness through small actions, then a little self-little reflection to ensure we’re attracting the right people, hair / make-up / wardrobe / accessory tips that will have you feeling great and standing out from the crowd in a comfortable way, where to go and the importance of correct positioning once you’re there, how to start and end any conversation and take it from friendly to flirtatious, what to do and what NOT do while flirting so you can make a great first (and second, and third…) impression, and much more. By providing all of these aspects (including many personal examples for reference and laughs) in one place and cutting out the fluff, the skills and techniques that took me years to master are provided to my students in only a few hours, in a way that’s fun, easy to digest and at your own pace.

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears
There is a reason you’re reading this right now. You’re ready for a fresh approach to meeting people, social connections, and getting quality dates – and I am so excited to take you there. Every minute delayed is another minute of missed opportunities, so enroll now by clicking the button at the top and let’s get started! 
Practical, insightful and meaningful knowledge. Try something different! – Steph
A fresh perspective on how to get a date – I don’t have to go online! – Jessica
Suggestions that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. – Jen
Cool class to learn more about dating and making yourself approachable! – Dominique
Helpful tips on how to meet people, start convos, and get away from creepers. – Susan
This girl has wisdom and is willing to share it. Highly recommended. – Deb
I really enjoyed Camille’s class. Two thumbs up! – Stephanie
I have already recommended this class for others! – Christie
Getting out of my comfort zone will be less scary than I’ve been thinking. – Viki
I’m motivated to try out new tactics and look forward to sharing success stories. – Patty
Now I have the skills to be in the best position to meet great men! – Lisa

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