Udemy – Kindle Millionaire: How to make ebook covers like a PRO [100% off]

Course Description

Have you ever wondered how much Amazon Best Sellers pay for their book covers?
$100? $500? Thousands? More? 
What If I showed you how to make covers JUST LIKE THE AMAZON BEST SELLERS for FREE?!
Not only is it possible, but I have done it hundreds of times already, and to great success. I will show you step-by-step exactly how to make stunning, beautiful ebook covers with ease. 
Ebook covers are EVERYTHING in the Amazon Kindle game and you need to understand the psychology and the science behind how authors sell hundreds of ebooks a month using the design methods I will teach you in this course. 
Above all else you, at the end of this course you will be able to create your own ebook covers from SCRATCH and they will look better than anything you would have purchased on five dollar websites! 
Goals for this course are:
1. Make any Ebook cover you can imagine
2. Have a great understanding of Photoshop’s basic tools
3. Be able to find photos for your niche books
Some of the things I will teach you in this course:
Photoshop Basics with step-by-step explanation of the tools you should be using
– How to get fonts to make your ebook covers to make them stand out from the rest
– Design aesthetics and how to increase your sales
– How to download free professional fonts
– How to find stock photos
– How to find professional images you can download for FREE
– Where to get your ebook cover ideas from
– What makes a good ebook cover? What makes a bad one? How to avoid common pitfalls
– Cover exercises in Romance, Sci-fi, Literary Classics, & Self-Help. Exercises to help you in any niche!
– Bonus gifts to use in your arsenal to boost your ebook sales!
– Too much to list here! 
You guys are my students and I want to emphasize that I will be there for each and every one of you every step of the way. If for any reason you need to contact me, please do! I want to see you guys reach the type of success and passive income that I have accomplished. It has truly changed my life and if I can do it you can too!

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