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Kindle Evergreen Book Publishing System

Course Description

Looking to get started with E-book publishing but getting stuck with these questions?
  • “How do I prevent competition from coming in and drowning me out of the market?”
  • “Won’t people not buy my book if they’ve never heard of me?”
  • “What are some examples of niches that are still viable — and why?”
  • “How long should my book be? If it’s really long, wouldn’t it be really expensive to create?”
  • “Should I be pricing my book lower than my competitors? Is that how you get sales in the beginning?”
  • “How do I make my book look like it’s been professionally done?”
  • “How do I make sure that my book will sell?”
  • “How do I get book reviews without harrassing family members or friends?”
  • “What exactly should I pay to get a book written?”
The Kindle Evergreen program will answer to all of these questionsThis is the step-by-step system that’s going to help you build a reliable, long-term source of income through publishing authentic, high-value books
Inside this program, you’ll discover strategies like..
  • “Evergreen-Positioning Method” a 3 step framework that prevents you from being drowned out in trending, “competitive” niches
  • The Content repackaging strategy for flipping 1-off books in to multi-book series
  • Veteran Results From the Get-go – How to achieve reliable sales numbers with your very first book
  • “Quote N Flip” Simple, first-time-authors’ technique for building authority without any credentials
  • Commonalities of 2-year-running top-selling titles – How to engineer these things in to your books
  • The Book length Myth – Creating customer satisfying, inexpensive books that are priced at $2.99 or more
  • Writers Optimal Pricing Cheat Sheet – What to expect for how much you pay
  • “Congruency Authorship Technique” – Creating a Trust building Pen Name that Ensures sales without being deceptive
  • The automated system for creating authentic book descriptions that sell
  • 3 communication laws that prevent freelancers from becoming business-sabotaging renegades
  • How to prevent Kindle Copyright Infringement Penalties – 2 tools for detecting plagiarism
  • The complete Book Launch checklist – Complete list of components for avoiding the “cheap”, “self published” look
  • The 5 Rules for Professional Book Cover Creation
  • 2 non-exhausting, harassing-free methods for gaining book reviews
  • Introduction and importance of the 5 High-leverage rank boosting platforms for increasing sales
  • Stamp of approval strategy” – 3 step quality control method to ensure customer satisfaction
Any many more! See you inside the course

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