Udemy – Keyword Research – Tips & Tricks To Ranking Fast In 2015 [100% off]

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Course Description

So you have developed your idea for a niche website and you’re raring to go, but before you go ahead and start writing content there is another vital step you should take. It seems so obvious and yet many people make the error of failing to take it. What is this critical next move? Keyword research.

The effective use of keyword research can mean the difference between a website that climbs the search engine rankings, has thousands of visitors each day and generates an excellent revenue and a website that goes unnoticed. Using the right keywords can improve your sales and boost your profits. Keywords or keyword phrases are the terms that a searcher types into a search engine to find whatever they’re looking for on the internet. Keyword research is the process of selecting the most appropriate keywords on order to optimize your search engine rankings and help lead visitors to your site.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to master these skills, but there are some fundamental things you need to know. In this course we will look at why keywords matter and how to conduct keyword research the right way to uncover gems that will attract lazer targeted buyers to your websites. The course is taught through a series of videos that are both in the presentation style and also live screenshare of the action so you can see exactly what I do and why.


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