Udemy – jQuery in Depth: Front-End Web Development Made Easy [100% off]

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Course Description

jQuery is a very popular JavaScript library which makes front-end web development easy. As its official tag line says, it is a “Write Less, Do More” JavaScript library. jQuerysimplifies JavaScript programming. You can implement a complex functionality in just 5 or 6 lines of jQuery code where it might require 25 or more lines of JavaScript code to implement the same functionality.

This course helps you develop unique and nice jQuery projects that you can use in your websites, web applications and mobile applications. You are going to develop unique user interface designs, cool visual effects and animations, nice features for your website and even games in this course.

The course structure is as follows:

First you will understand what jQuery is and why you should learn jQuery. We will also compare JavaScript and jQuery by implementing a functionality to understand why jQuery is a “Write Less, Do More” library. Then, you will learn how to set up the jQuery development environment and the basic syntax of jQuery. Shhh…..I am also going to share a secret with you which will help you write jQuery code easily.

Then come the Selectors. Selectors will help you select the elements upon which you need to perform an action. Next is the Events section. The events are the actual action that is performed. Later, you will learn how to use different effects and animations to energise your pages.

DOM Manipulation and DOM Traversal are two important sections where we discuss how to handle the web page on the fly. Then comes, the Let’s Develop section where you are going to develop a number of jQuery projects that too from SCRATCH. Trust me, this section is going to boost your confidence as a front-end web developer.

So, are you ready?? Let’s proceed !!!


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