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Joint by Joint Mobilizations

Course Description

If you want a fun way to mobilize your body and ease pain then this course is for you.

Since we have all had pain at one time or another then getting to understand mobilizations to get you out of pain is critical.

In order to get yourself out of pain you need to know mobilizations for all of the major joints in your body.

Therefore in this program I will walk you through 3 phases of mobilizations from basic, intermediate, to advanced for the major joints in your body.

If you are going to be successful with a course and make a lasting change then you have to learn how to deliver this system.

In order to understand how to do these exercises and when, I included a video series based on “How to” prepare to do these exercises.

Also, since I care so much about you completing the whole program then I added a FREE series on Self Coaching.

If you are not good at sticking to a program or doing exercises from home then you will love Self Coaching.

This is my personal system that I use in order to complete exercises.

In order to complete a program SUCCESSFULLY I think you need more guidance then these videos alone.

I am giving away 3 FREE WEBINARS where I will share ADVANCED-ADVANCED Mobilizations & GIVING AWAY 3 Ipad Minis.

Therefore inside of those 3 FREE WEBINARS I could not help myself, I care so much about you completing this program and being SUCCESSFUL.

During the FREE WEBINARS I will share details if you want to WIN $10,000 worth of COACHING for FREE.

If you go to the FREE WEBINARS and try to WIN an IPAD MINI then you will also get details on how to WIN $10,000 worth of COACHING for FREE.

In this course you will get:

1.An EBook transcription of the whole program

2.6 Videos of Mobilizations

3.3 Phase Videos of 3 Months of Mobilizations

4.3 Phase Videos of 3 Months of Self Coaching

5.1 Self Coaching Workbook (My personal handbook)


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