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If you’re unhappy with your job or don’t have one, you need to learn how to get better work that pays you more money, right now!

This course will help you redesign your job hunting strategies and career path. You’ll make better progress towards the job, career, and income you want. The lessons represent over a decade’s worth of research and first-hand experience with our challenging job market.


In less than two hours, you can learn how to…
  • Impress potential employers during interviews and get them to offer you a job!
  • Create an extraordinary resume that will get companies interested in what you have to offer!
  • Build a network of professional relationships that will help you get a better career!
  • Avoid a lot of the frustration and discouragement others experience when looking for a new job.
  • Prove that you’re qualified for the job.
  • You’ll also learn some secrets corporate recruiters have shared about what it takes to get a job offer.


Listen to what some people have said about this course:
  • Dr. Roger Allen, an Author, Consultant, and Executive Coach said: “I loved your course! You’ve condensed tons of practical content into an extremely usable guide for anyone who wants to either find a job or improve their skills and value on the job.”
  • Shannon Aragon recently got a great job and said, “This course helped me get motivated and organized to take action. The content is clearly outlined which made it easy to follow and easy to understand. The examples throughout the course were very relevant and helped put my circumstances into perspective.”
  • And a few others have said, “Gave me great ideas to help pursue my career!”, “Great advice about what to expect and how to transition in my career.”, “Very informative and useful…helps shift the job hunting mindset.”


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Steven is an author and instructional designer who successfully creates training programs for thousands of employees in several of the U.S.’s largest companies. He’s committed to helping people get better work and income through learning new, more marketable skills. He earned Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, but his career and business depend primarily on self-taught skills.
He wrote the book, How to Learn Higher Paying Skills, available on Amazon. He’s launched his own instructional media company, Didactable, LLC. He finds it odd to refer to himself in third-person! 

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