Udemy – IT Security Beginner: Certified Hacking Training [$99 –> $10] 90%OFF

Network and IT security is no joke. In a matter of seconds, hackers can access closed networks and view files, accounts, and even steal identities. This course is designed to introduce these concepts and the real-world tactics that hackers use, so that you can protect yourself and your network.

While this course includes step-by-step instructions for advanced hacking techniques, it is designed to help you prevent an attack. We do not recommend using these tactics to infiltrate networks or IT systems that are not your own.

Become a Certified Hacker by Covering the Following Topics:

  • Security and Hacking Myths Debunked
  • Beginner to Advanced IT Security
  • Microsoft Windows Threats and WiFi Weaknesses
  • Current Black-Hat Threats and Trends
  • Designing More Secure Networks
  • Encrypted Data, Identify Spoofing, and Windows Authorization
  • IT Security Academy Exam Preparation

Boost Network Security and Identify Weaknesses
Certified hackers identify network security threats to prevent criminal hacking attempts. The best way to do this, is to understand how criminal hackers will evaluate and test your network for vulnerabilities.

Contents and Overview
This course is designed for anyone seeking a career in IT security, as well as programmers and technology enthusiasts who want to develop hacking and hacking prevention skills. A basic understanding of IT and infrastructure is recommended but not required.

With 45 lectures and over 13 hours of content, you will start with the basics of IT security and progress to the advanced curriculum in a matter of days. Upon completion, you will receive a voucher to earn your “IT Security Beginner Certificate” for free from The IT Security Academy Online Examination Center.

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