Udemy – iOS Game Development: Unity3d Crash Course For Flappy Clone [100% off]

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Course Description

Note: This course requires some basic knowledge of Unity 3D game engine including c# in MonoDevelop

About the Course:

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What’s inside this course?

The course has been divided into few sections. This has been done to avoid confusion and to let you know what you will do next after you complete a specific section. Each section whether it’s at the beginning or at the ending has special significance. All of the sections contain vital information, so, you need to follow each section attentively and with great interest if you want to benefit from this course.

In Section 1:

In the first section of this course, You’ll learn few things about Unity 3d game engine and the flappy bird game. I’ll be providing you with the sprite sheet that will be used in the second section of the course.

In Section 2:

After you’ve downloaded the sprite sheet from section 1, you’ll learn to use that sprite sheet in Unity 3d. We’ll do things like importing the sprite in game engine, slicing it, we’ll create game graphics, we’ll create animation and then finally, we’ll re-arrange game objects. All the game graphics work will be done in this section of the course.

In Section 3:

Consider this section as the heart of this course. The most important section it is, In which you’ll give a life to your game player. All the scripting work will be done in this section. So, This section requires lots of attention and interest. We’ll add movement, gravity, rotation, hurdles and rest of the game stuff in this section. In other words, The game will be completed in this section.

In Section 4:

This is the last section of this course. We’ll simply convert our game for iOS devices. From the beginning, we were not making the game for iOS as we were using PC/Mac development tool kit. So, In this section, we’ll convert the whole project with Unity 3D built in system for iOS.

“You can make it if you try. Don’t give up or quit the fight. If you believe, you will see, you can do it.”


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