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Course Description

My course name is ” Introduction to Economics for beginners “.

In this course I will teach the students about the basics concepts of Economics .

like what is Economics? and the term of the word “Economics”. And the classification of Economics. where I will told them about the basic concepts of Micro and Macro Economics. and their derivations of the word Micro and Macro Economics.

It will be a useful course of new students of Economics , because here I told them the basics and earlier concepts of Economics.

My course consists of 14 lectures . this 14 lectures will covers the basic concepts of students. In this course I used schedules and graphic explanations that will far off the confusion of the students . After learn this course students will be able to learn advance concepts of Economics, especially Micro Economics. Because here I discussed the different types of theories like Household theory , Economic analysis and its laws , Indifference curve approach , law of diminshing marginal utility , nd theory of costs where I told them about the cost curves and TR , MR , and AR , and also discussed the Perfect competition in short run and long run , and last theory is about Monopoly where I teached all conditions .

Hope students will like my course .



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