Udemy – Intermediate Topics In App Development – Part One (Firebase) [100% off] Worth $199!

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Course Description

Have you noticed that every mobile app development course is for beginners? This set of courses concentrates on intermediate topics that beginner courses may not have time for.

In this course, you will learn how to create a “real time app” using Firebase.

This tutorial will start by covering the most of important functions of Firebase and iOS applications that are implemented in almost every application that requires a database.

Anyone already familiar with mobile app development using Swift can get started with Firebase

First, we will install the application. The next lessons will help you understand the structure of data that Firebase uses. Then we will play with Firebase reference and understand how references can be used to add and retrieve data.

The remaining lessons will allow you to

  • Understand how many ways are there to add data in Firebase and which one is efficient and useful in the common situations
  • Understand that there many ways of retrieving data and which ones are best for common situations.
  • Remove and update the data from our iOS application
  • sync your apt with Firebase
  • Use Firebase queries to sort the data.
  • Add user authentication as part of a sign in / sign up feature.
  • Monitor the status of the users, then show the count that how many users are online at a time.
  • Display the list of users who are currently online.


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