Udemy – Intermediate Topics for Unity Game Developers – Part Two [100% off] Worth $199!

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Course Description

Have you noticed almost every course on Udemy is for beginners?

In this second part of a four-part series, we will discuss many topics that aren’t typically covered by courses meant only for beginners.

Each course in the series can be taken on its own. Although the courses do build in complexity (so it may help to watch them all in order), you can choose the ones that you are interested in and save the others for later.


  • Graphical clock just like a wall clock
  • A health panel that shows the current lives Example: 5 lives = 5 hearts
  • A health panel that shows the life bar in which health decreases with 10% decrement on every hit.
  • A countdown timer that will help you in a racing type of game in which the countdown says “3 2 1 GO!!”
  • A countdown timer with the help of textures in which every second the PNG texture changes.
  • A message that fades away to show the user any message very briefly then disappear
  • A scrollable list that store the score and username of your Facebook friends.
  • A compass to show players direction just like GTA.
  • A radar that shows all the cubes/objects around you just like a counter strike.


In this tutorial, we will go through simple steps how to implement Facebook SDK in unity and add the following features:

  • Create an app on Facebook that will be a test app for you so that you can login to that test app with your game.
  • Get your profile picture and show it in a image gameobject.
  • Get your username from Facebook and show it in a text gameobject.
  • Share your progress to your Facebook timeline and learn how permissions work with different admins and test users.
  • Inviting your friends to join your game with the API.
  • Get your and your friend’s saved score from Facebook
  • Save your own score to Facebook so that you can get your score later.

All assets needed for you to follow along with the course are included for free


In this Tutorial we will go through simple tips and tricks on how you can:

  • Load files(image,text etc) from the resource folder so that your file size doesn’t get to big.
  • It is helpful when you are creating a game that is too big, for example (First person shooter).Load(image,text etc) files by downloading them from the internet and showing in your game on runtime.
  • Save and load players data by using static properties
  • Save and load players data by using playerprefs.
  • In addition we will take screenshot from our game.


You should know how classes in C# work, Static variables and methods as these are the very basic concepts in object-oriented programming. Also you should know the basic scripting and editor tools like inspector, Game objects and all the basic stuff and you will be good to go πŸ™‚

Then you can combine these concepts with my previous lessons “Facebook integration in unity” and “Everything about GUI” so that you can create the most common features like:

  • Saving and loading the players data in the UI game objects
  • Sharing your screenshot on Facebook and challenging your friends etc.

Best Of Luck!


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