Udemy – Intermediate Topics for Unity Game Developers – Part Three [100% off] Worth $299!

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Course Description

Have you noticed almost every course on Udemy is for beginners?

In this third part of a four-part course, we will discuss many topics that aren’t typically covered by courses meant only for beginners.

Each course in the series can be taken on its own. Although the courses do build in complexity (so it may help to watch them all in order), you can choose the ones that you are interested in and save the others for later.

Learn how to implement your waves of enemies using Object Pooling in C# while maintaining a solid framerate.

Harness the power of Unity 3D in order to make great games

Want to know how shooter games like CoD, Halo, Gears of War make their games run smoothly even if they are always instantiating bullets at all time? Learning how to use object pooling will make your game run better, so you can implement heavier features without worrying too much if the constant instantiation of enemies or bullets will make your game slower.

Build your wave of enemies, or create bullets for your game using Unity 3D

  • Instantiate your bullets/enemies/items.
  • Reuse objects to save memory.
  • Optimize your framerate.


Learn how to animate and make your first enemy AI that will chase you.

Harness the power of Unity 3D in order to make great games

Have you ever wanted to know how does the enemies that appears in games are capable of tracking you down and attack you when as soon as they see you? With the use of the Mechanim animation system (included in Unity) and finite state machines you will be able to make an enemy that sees you, hunts you and attacks you as soon as you enter its range of attack.

Make an enemy that hunts you down

  • Animate a 2D character using sprite sheets.
  • Make it see where you are going.
  • Make it hunt you if you enter its line of sight.
  • Create an animation finite state machine.


Learn to implement Unity Ads into your mobile game.

Make revenue out of your game

  • Make the player see ads targeted specially for gamers.
  • Choose between showing ads that will reward the player or not.
  • Make the player to see an ad after they perform a specific action.
  • Navigate through the ads platform to see the revenue of your game.

Make money out of your game without compromising the player experience.

Have you ever wondered how games such as “Crossy Roads” were able to become financially successful? Implement ads that the players would like to see using an ad network targeted specially for gamers, show only game related videos to your player and forget about the intrusive banner ads in this tutorial for intermediate users you will learn in no time how to monetize that free game you have.

Use the AI you implemented on the previous course to make the game show an ad as soon as the enemy touches the player and the “Game Over” state is called.


Learn to implement Unity Analytics into your mobile game.

See what your players are doing

  • See how many players come daily to your game.
  • Implement custom events to track particular events that players make on your game
  • See the results of custom events through the funnel.
  • See where the players get stuck in your game.

Track your player behavior so you could understand how they interact with your game.

Have you ever wanted to know how the people that play your game really use it? You may not want to wait to see a let’s play video or a video reaction to your game, you can use Unity Analytics. There you can see how many players you have in a day, how many they spend, where are they from and even customize it to track where the player get stuck or if there is a framerate drop in certain part of the game.

You already know how to show ads in your game, but are you implementing them properly? With analytics you can know if you can implement a special power up that shows an ad to help the player pass the level.


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