Udemy – Integrate Facebook SDK into Unity Games (Assets Included) [100% off]

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Integrate Facebook SDK into Unity Games (Assets Included)

Course Description

In this tutorial, we will go through simple steps how to implement Facebook SDK in unity and add the following features:

  • Create an app on Facebook that will be a test app for you so that you can login to that test app with your game.
  • Get your profile picture and show it in a image gameobject.
  • Get your username from Facebook and show it in a text gameobject.
  • Share your progress to your Facebook timeline and learn how permissions work with different admins and test users.
  • Inviting your friends to join your game with the API.
  • Get your and your friend’s saved score from Facebook
  • Save your own score to Facebook so that you can get your score later.

All assets needed for you to follow along with the course are included for free


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