Udemy – Instagram Explosion: How I Grew from 0-200k Real Followers [100% off] Worth $99!

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** $99 is the intro price! Grab it now before I increase the price to $199 on SEPTEMBER 15th, 2015.

We’re in an Instagram GOLD RUSH right now.

Meaning it’s super EASY to generate a huge following on Instagram (my brand got 200k in less than a year).

It’s extraordinarily hard these days to grow an active Facebook account for your brand. It’s even harder to make money on Pinterest/Tumblr/Twitter.

But brands are making millions on Instagram alone and it’s THE social media to dominate in 2015 and beyond.

And that’s because:

  • Instagram already has viral mechanisms built-in that help people find brands (like shout outs)
  • Instagram’s reach amongst the younger generation is unparalleled, and expanding at a rapid pace unmatched by any other social media tool.
  • A lot of brands are still unaware of Instagram’s power, so there is a LOT less noise on the platform (aka shitty people trying to advertise to you)
  • Instagram was built for engagement, which is why the engagement through Instagram is SKY HIGH, more than any other network (57x higher than Facebook and 120x higher than Twitter)

Take action now, before it becomes much more difficult to build a large following through Instagram.

In this course, you’ll learn the exact strategies, tactics, and tips that I used to build my brand to 200k followers.

And we’re the best Instagram course on Udemy right now. Why?

Because if you take a look at any of the Instagram courses out there, you’re just getting very basic vanilla advice on how to grow your account. Very few courses even show proof that the author knows what he’s doing.

Why in the world would you believe some “Instagram expert” who doesn’t even have any proof that he’s built a large Instagram account or has made money with Instagram?

For my last business, I grew our Instagram to 200k followers, and you can see that Instagram at @ampedasia

(PS. Don’t worry if your brand or account is nothing like mine. My tactics will work for almost ALL types of companies.)

I’ll show you all the tactics I’ve used to build up my Instagram account while also generating TONS of sales / traffic and building up massive connections.

The goal for this course is to help put your brand on the path to 200k ENGAGED real followers that will buy from you again and again and spread your brand like wildfire.

It took me a year of trial and error to make it happen, but my course will cut your time dramatically.



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