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Insomnia Cure: Wake Up Refreshed and Energized

Course Description

How would you like to wake up Refreshed, Restored and Energized to start a New Day?
Does this sound like a dream?
It is not.
I show you how I have helped hundreds of people with my proven sleep solutions to cure insomnia.
I am a psychologist and physicians continually refer people to me who want to achieve restorative sleep without medication.
In this course you will receive the same benefits you would receive if you consulted with me in my psychology practice. It would be like we are meeting face to face and I am helping you step by step with practical, proven sleep solutions.
I will bring you the same tools, methods and solutions I teach my insomnia clients.
The course not only takes you through an explanation of how and why these tools and methods work. But goes well beyond just understanding by showing you how to:
  • Determine your own specific sleep patterns
  • Design the program that will work for your particular sleep pattern.
  • Follow a day by day program so that you can stay on track
  • Use handouts and downloadable tools that help you know what to do
This course is formatted in a 3 week “Bootcamp” model. In this highly effective model I provide you with: Day by Day implementation of tools and resources proven to help people reach the goal of restful, restorative sleep.
When you begin to have restful, restorative sleep your life will change.
  • You will finally experience life without fatigue
  • You will be equipped to handle day to day stress with ease
  • Your relationships will improve, because you won’t be “grumpy.”
  • Your overall quality of life will improve.
Are you ready to take this positive step in your life?
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