Udemy – Influential Conversations: How To Think Like a Negotiator [100% off]

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This course is an Influence & Negotiation course for everyday people. Why? Because for most of us:
It’s Not About Becoming a Pro-Negotiator, It’s About Making More Money, Creating Value, and Experiencing More Wins in Life and Business 
You’ll learn to think like a successful, high-paid coach, consultant or entrepreneur, while discovering universal influence and negotiation skills that will prepare you for a lifetime of financially lucrative conversations – taught in a way that promotes win-win (not win-lose) outcomes! 
This course goes way beyond the ‘what’ of influential, lucrative small business conversations and provides practical ways to implement these proven principles within your specific situation. The class material is presented in a way that will provide an immediate impact in your life (providing you apply the concepts). 
When you join this course you’ll get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how I’ve seamlessly integrated these Massive Impact Principles within my own consulting, coaching and entrepreneurial ventures (as well as in my role as an award winning consultant for Dale Carnegie Training) for the past 17 years. You will discover how the principles presented in this course have made me thousands and thousands of dollars when dealing with Clients, Prospects, Joint Venture Relationships and Partners. 
Mastering the art of influential conversations is often a missing ingredient for many small business entrepreneurs. We rarely take time to think about the questions, strategies and/or personality traits we should utilize to become more influential in common conversations and business negotiations (large or small). Consequently we often neglect to get the absolute best financial deal for ourselves, and wind-up giving away money that should’ve remained in our pockets – if you’re a small business person then you know keeping more of your money in your pocket is loads of fun πŸ™‚ 
Influential conversations are about having the tools, insight and know-how to position yourself for success in future business dealings with:
Your Current Clients inquiring about additional work
Prospects that found your service or goods on the internet
Potential JV Partners (you know, the ones you may be talking to about helping produce your own Udemy class, Teleseminar Series, or creating a re-occurring revenue Product based on your work.
I have been studying the art of influential conversations and negotiations since my early 20’s and have been teaching these skills for 17 years. These Massive Impact principles are responsible for helping my business to truly flourish (10 successful years on my own – and counting). 
I firmly believe that when you learn and apply these principles to your conversations you will make (and save) a great deal of money. How much? That’s only limited by how big your plans are for growing a successful business. 
Personally I’ll tell you that there have been many times throughout my career that just by applying ONE specific principle during ONE specific conversation, I have made 3K, 5K, all the way up to 27K more – you’ll learn about these in the class! 


So why take this program?

  1. It will give you the tools to make you more money in your business
  2. The material is rooted in both real-world experience and research-validated psychology of influence
  3. The class will be updated on a consistent basis
  4. New lecture (and) new sections are already planned and in the works
  5. The principles within the course are designed to ‘integrate’ with what you are already doing – they are not labor intensive and can be put to use IMMEDIATELY
  6. Patrick Howell is readily available to answer all of your questions and to offer targeted guidance on your specific situations (just ask:)
  7. The class will impact your ability to turn everyday conversations into ones that greatly impact you your business and your life!

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