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Are you a note-taker or a talker? Some people like to be able to speak their notes, using software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. Others hate it – especially people with an accent that the software can’t understand! There are times when you need to be able to write or type your notes. Perhaps when interviewing another person (the software won’t know their way of speaking) or when in a lecture or seminar.
Plenty of people need to be able to take notes the old-fashioned way. Taking notes quickly and accurately is a valuable skill. It’s a brilliant tool for journalists and students but it is also a huge bonus to anyone who enjoys studying online courses, attending webinars, or just jotting down ideas. It is also a vital skill for professionals who need to take instructions from clients. It makes the workload easier and the stress lighter.
Shorthand used to be one way of vastly improving your ability to take notes but it has fallen out of favor of late because it doesn’t work on computers. We all have smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops now and those squiggles don’t transfer to electronic devices!
Shorthand takes many hours to learn – some ‘fast’ courses 40 hours, others 60+ – plus months of practice to become proficient. This course will take you just couple of hours of study and practice to become comfortable with the system. Then it’s just of matter of adding to your own personal abbreviations dictionary (included in the course) and building your speed naturally as you use your new skill.
It’s fun, useful, and great for the ego to learn this skill because you’ll be thrilled you picked it up so quickly.
This course is designed to help you learn quickly and easily and enable you to take notes on any device that has a keyboard or onscreen keyboard.
It is taught via four main ‘Super Simple Rules’ with activities, quizzes, and dictations throughout. There are also tons of downloadable materials in the form of worksheets, dictionaries, and PDFs. Unlike traditional shorthand methods, there isn’t a whole new language to learn. My digital note-taking method uses the alphabet – which you already know if you’re reading this!
It is a little like the ‘text’ language so many people use on smartphones, where they leave the vowels out. But try reading back some text language, it’s like gobbledy-gook! That’s not something you want to risk if you are taking important notes.
This method teaches simple principles of which letters to leave out and when, then adds in other principles to make sure that you will be able to read back everything you write using digital note-taking, even if you come back to it 6 months or a year or more later. Even master shorthand practitioners can’t always do that!
You’ll love it!
Enrolling in this course will:
  • Enable you to learn a new skill – quickly and easily
  • Give you the ability to write notes on an electronic device much quicker than you could using the standard alphabet
  • Enable you to increase your note-taking speed and accuracy as you use the skill in your everyday life
  • Improve your productivity – being able to take all the notes you need to and knowing where to find them can ease stress, improve concentration, and give you better recall and understanding

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